CBD Bath Bombs


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Our bath bombs come in citrus, eucalyptus, lavender, no stress and patchouli scents and CBD MGs of 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000, 1500 and 2000.

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NO CBD, Eucalyptus, NO CBD, Lavender, NO CBD, Citrus, NO CBD, Patchouli, NO CBD, No Stress, 50mg CBD, Eucalyptus, 50mg CBD, Lavender, 50mg CBD, Citrus, 50mg CBD, Patchouli, 50mg CBD, No Stress, 100mg CBD, Eucalyptus, 100mg CBD, Lavender, 100mg CBD, Citrus, 100mg CBD, Patchouli, 100mg CBD, No Stress, 200mg CBD, Eucalyptus, 200mg CBD, Lavender, 200mg CBD, Citrus, 200mg CBD, Patchouli, 200mg CBD, No Stress, 500mg CBD, Eucalyptus, 500mg CBD, Lavender, 500mg CBD, Citrus, 500mg CBD, Patchouli, 500mg CBD, No Stress, 1000mg CBD, Eucalyptus, 1000mg CBD, Lavender, 1000mg CBD, Citrus, 1000mg CBD, Patchouli, 1000mg CBD, No Stress, 1500mg CBD, Eucalyptus, 1500mg CBD, Lavender, 1500mg CBD, Citrus, 1500mg CBD, Patchouli, 1500mg CBD, No Stress, 2000mg CBD, Eucalyptus, 2000mg CBD, Lavender, 2000mg CBD, Citrus, 2000mg CBD, Patchouli, 2000mg CBD, No Stress